Big Wide 11' Seat

Big Wide 11" Seat

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11" Wide Gel Exercise Bike Seat - Guaranteed Comfort Or Your Money Back!

For Exercise bikes

  • Extra-Support with an extra wide 11" base
  • Whipped GEL comfort relief cushion
  • Coil comfort spring foundation
  • Lycra top
  • Imported

For additional comfort, add an extra 1 1/2 inch gel padding on top of this seat!
Or add a genuine sheepskin cover over this seat!

Our Most Popular seat! A big seat for such a small price. Extra thick lycra top. Much thicker and durable top compared tothe competition!! Coil springs on the underside help to smooth out bigger thumps and bumps. 

This seat has a unique technology Whipped Gel design. This is important!  Many gel saddles use a liquid gel that can solidify turning into a saddle that feels like concrete! This saddle will not, because of a Dual Density Whipped Gel.  It's softer gel on top and a more dense gel on the bottom. This design is much nicer then most, and helps eliminate bottoming out the padding. 

*Actual measurements and product sizes may vary due to manufacturing processes.

Note For Exercise Bike Owners:
Please note that exercise bike manufactures do not use a standardized mounting hardware. If you need an seat adaptor we have them in stock, so you can use this seat or almost any other seat you want on your exercise bike. Mounting may require an adapter kit.Choose the right Exercise Bike Seat AdaptorSeat Post Clamp Mounting Instructions

If you have a question regarding compatibility give us a call.

As always if you don’t like your super soft, ultra plush with coil spring, comfort exercise bike seat feel free to return it for a full refund! (less return postage) BUT you may want to keep the adaptor to use on any other bike seat!

Guaranteed Comfort Or Your Money Back!

There are recent concerns about Americans getting enough exercise. Our exercise bike seats help relieve pain and numbness allowing you to get more exercise, more comfortably. Please see the growing list of information concerning these issues for men and women.

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