Hornless Seat - Lycra

Hornless Seat - Lycra

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For a Comfortable, Pressure Relieving Ride!Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

The Hornless Bicycle SeatThe Hornless Bicycle Seat design is endorsed by physicians to relieve pressure to the prostate and genitalia. The Hornless Bicycle Seat allows you to get back on your bike and enjoy exercising in comfort.(The Hornless Bicycle Seat can also be adapted for use on an exercise bicycle)Ultimate Black Gel Seat with Lycra Cover

The Hornless bicycle seat is 9" wide, if you would like a wider seat, we recommend the Contour Seat.  Now available with more cushion.  Most comfortable hornless seat for men less than 300 lbs.


The Hornless Bicycle Seat takes the pressure off soft tissues and tender organs and lets you sit where you are supposed to sit — on your “sit bones”. The Hornless Bicycle Seat’s innovative, ergonomic design eliminates the protruding horn or nose found on conventional bicycle seats, providing a significantly more comfortable and healthy ride. For many people, buying a new bike also means shopping for a more comfortable seat. Traditional bike saddles cut off circulation, leading to discomfort and, in some cases, sexual dysfunction.

  • Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 3.5 inches
  • Fits any Standard, Conventional Rail-Mount Bicycle (7/8" post clamp available)
  • Rear Reflectors are Standard
  • Lightweight, 14 oz. Design
  • Easy Installation and Adjustment
  • "Sit-bone" Based Support
  • Healthy, Comfortable Ride
  • No more "NUMB BUTT" !!!

Note For Bicycle Owners:Our universal design allows this seat to be mounted to any bicycle, well, any we’ve seen in the last 25 years anyway! Mounting instructions are included.Mounting may require a 7/8" round seat post clamp. Seat Post Clamp Mounting Instructions ">Let us know if you need a 7/8" post clamp with this seat! ( add $2.00)

There are recent concerns about Americans getting enough exercise. Did you know that riding a bicycle is a low impact exercise with great cardio-vascular benefits? Our bicycle seats help relieve pain and numbness allowing you to get more exercise, more comfortably. Please see the growing list of information concerning these issues for men and women.

See The Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat Available.Guaranteed or Your Money Back! Comfortable Bicycle Seats